The way to detox naturally

Writing: Natalia Nikolaidi
Dietitian Nutritionist

The term “detox” is widely used in nutrition. There are many ways to help our body cleanse the accumulated harmful toxins. Toxicity is caused by multiple factors. Air pollution, quality – quantity of food / water, medicine, stress, lack of physical activity are some of the main reasons for the production of toxins. Detoxification primarily affects the liver function. The liver is the main detoxifying organ, the body’s “filter”, as it is responsible for 75% of toxin excretion from the body.

Diet is the basic method to achieve a successful detoxification process and optimize liver function. It is extremely important to follow scientifically proven ways of detoxification and not extreme and restrictive diets. A basic nutritional rule is that we choose to consume only natural foods.

We limit or even stop the consumption of:

  • Sugar, Salt
  • Saturated fat (fried, animal protein, dairy)
  • Processed snacks (cereal bars, crackers, chips etc.)

We choose from a large and colorful variety:

  • Fresh and preferably seasonal fruits & vegetables
  • Brew
  • Fruit & Seeds (unsalted)
  • Pulses
  • Spices
  • Fresh olive oil

Hydration is also very important. Depending on personalized needs, an average water intake is 2Lit / day. To achieve the best results there are many allies in nature. For example, Thyme is the no1 natural product that has been proved to enhance liver detoxification. It exists in seeds that can be consumed as a drink (be careful the dosage) or as a food supplement.



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