The way to detox naturally

Writing: Natalia Nikolaidi
Dietitian Nutritionist

The term “detox” is widely used in nutrition. There are many ways to help our body cleanse the accumulated harmful toxins. Toxicity is caused by multiple factors. Air pollution, quality – quantity of food / water, medicine, stress, lack of physical activity are some of the main reasons for the production of toxins. Detoxification primarily affects the liver function. The liver is the main detoxifying organ, the body’s “filter”, as it is responsible for 75% of toxin excretion from the body.

Diet is the basic method to achieve a successful detoxification process and optimize liver function. It is extremely important to follow scientifically proven ways of detoxification and not extreme and restrictive diets. A basic nutritional rule is that we choose to consume only natural foods.

We limit or even stop the consumption of:

  • Sugar, Salt
  • Saturated fat (fried, animal protein, dairy)
  • Processed snacks (cereal bars, crackers, chips etc.)

We choose from a large and colorful variety:

  • Fresh and preferably seasonal fruits & vegetables
  • Brew
  • Fruit & Seeds (unsalted)
  • Pulses
  • Spices
  • Fresh olive oil

Hydration is also very important. Depending on personalized needs, an average water intake is 2Lit / day. To achieve the best results there are many allies in nature. For example, Thyme is the no1 natural product that has been proved to enhance liver detoxification. It exists in seeds that can be consumed as a drink (be careful the dosage) or as a food supplement.



The female organism needs more vitamins and trace elements

Writing: Natalia Nicolaides
Nutritionist & Scientific Advisor of SUPERFOODS NATURE’S BEST

The nutritional needs of a woman’s organism are very different from those of the male population because of the many different functions of the body and the multidimensional role that a woman chooses to have in society. Modern lifestyles require energy, mood and efficiency to help a woman respond adequately to her roles and choices. In the role of worker, mother, wife, daughter, student, girlfriend.

Over the years, the availability of micronutrients in the body – vitamins, minerals and trace elements – is diminishing and therefore extremely important to ensure that they are adequately ingested initially through food and then, if necessary, through natural dietary supplements.

Why do we need vitamins?

Vitamin D: Efficiency in vitamin D, also known as “sun vitamin”, is extremely important and recent research indicates that the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and lack of vitamin D in Greek women (19-60 years) is worrying as it was found to exceed 70 %. Vitamin D is extremely important for the smooth functioning of the female hormone system, for calcium and phosphorus regulation in the body and for the prevention of important but frequent clinical conditions such as osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, hypertension.

Vitamin A: Equally important is vitamin A, which is an antioxidant and helps fight free radicals – products that are also produced by intense stress – boosting the immune system and preventing premature aging.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E, also known as “the vitamin of beauty”, belongs to the same category of antioxidant vitamins. Vitamin E is recommended in specialized gynecological conditions, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, hypertension, but also for the strengthening of nails, hair and skin. Besides, which woman does not want to feel beautiful?

Vitamin C: Vitamin C also belongs to the category of essential vitamins to maintain high levels of health. Its activity is not only about strengthening our immune system but also about proper brain function, collagen production and many other organic functions. Equally important is vitamin A, which is an antioxidant and helps fight free radicals – products that are also produced by intense stress – boosting the immune system and preventing premature aging.

The value of proper nutrition

The quality of nutrition is a determining factor in whether or not all micro-nutrients are present in the body. A balanced diet close to the Mediterranean diet model is recommended by most global health care providers and health professionals. According to the basic rules of the Mediterranean diet it is proposed to consume:

  • 5 servings of vegetables a day
  • 3 servings of fruit a day
  • Red meat once a week
  • Foods rich in fiber (pulses, whole grains, nuts)
  • Sufficient amount of water (8-10 glasses daily

The ally of the female organism, of course, apart from the right diet and exercise are the SUPERFOODS NATURE’S BEST® natural supplements, which cover a huge range of needs and enhance the complex everyday life of modern woman!



Hippophaes. The No 1 SUPERFOOD of nature for your every need

In recent years we have been hearing, watching and reading about the power of the Superfoods. Our well-known #SUPERFOODS are exactly what the word “hyper-foods” means with high nutritional value, rich in beneficial ingredients that improve our health, stimulate our body and have unique benefits for our difficult and demanding daily life.

Between the abundance of superfoods that nature gives us, the beloved Hippophaes stands out.

  • The Natural Polyvitamin
  • The fruit of Hippophae contains 190 different active nutrients.
  • It has an extremely high content of vitamin C, more than oranges’s content.
  • B complex Vitamins is incorporated in Hippophae’s natural supplement.
  • It contains all fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E and K, minerals, strong antioxidants (flavonoids and carotene) and 18 different amino acids.
  • It offers a cardiovascular protection shield as it contains the “good” fatty acids: Ω3, Ω6, Ω9 as well as the rare Ω7.

So, why do you need Hippophaes?

It is polyvitamin and even natural.

It will increase your energy and stimulate your body so that you can meet the demanding needs of everyday life.

It will improve your mood.

It will contribute to your spiritual stimulation, especially if you work in a desk with many hours in front of the computer.

It will help your cardiovascular function more properly.

And of course, it will improve your skin and your nails and the best of all, your hair will be shiny, beautiful and healthy.

Your Natural “Superally of health” will then arm you with all the beneficial benefits you need and give you this extra #SUPER boost for your everyday life!




Five Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fluid Retention

Fluid retention is an issue that concerns millions of people around the world. Although it is not an issue that directly threatens a person’s health, fluid retention concerns many of us as – among others – it has an impact on their appearance, and it also causes difficulties when trying to lose weight.

In view of the summer, it is worthwhile to see the causes that lead to fluid retention and the natural ways in which we can fight them!

How do you say “goodbye” to fluid retention

Fluid retention occurs usually in women during menopause, a few days before menstruation, but also during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. What can you do to get rid of it?

  1. Fluid retention can be caused by increased salt consumption.
    If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s worth remembering that many processed foods contain high amounts of sodium, so make sure you check product labels well before you put any of them in your shopping cart.
  2. Trust nature and herbs!
    Nature has the solution to every problem our body faces and there are many herbs and plants that can help us deal with fluid retention. Which are these? Dandelion, green tea, artichoke and birch. There is an innovative nutritional supplement, SLIMDETOX from SUPERFOODS®, which contains all these plants and contributes to the detoxification and elimination of unnecessary body fluids in six days!
  3. Improve your diet
    Fluid retention can also be caused by food intolerance, poor nutrition and exposure to some toxins. Visit a specialist to learn more and try to improve your diet by including food with diuretic properties. The list is long, but it is worth mentioning some of them, such as lettuce, carrots, onions, artichoke, tomato and cucumber. Also, food like bananas, tuna, brown rice contain vitamin B6 which helps reduce the symptoms of fluid retention. Of course, make sure you do not consume large amounts of coffee or alcohol as it dehydrates the body.
  4. Exercise and less stress
    To gain energy, achieve well-being and say “goodbye” to fluid retention, try to become more active. A mere 30-minute of mild exercise every day will make you feel better. Through exercise you will help your body eliminate fluids and at the same time reduce stress levels.
  5. Drink water!
    Yes, you read well. If you do not want to suffer from fluid retention, drink plenty of water. If you consume a lot of fluids within a day, you will not change their level in your body over time because the kidneys will quickly drain excess water in urine. If, on the contrary, you do not provide enough water for your body, then the liver will retain the fluids needed and you will visit the toilet less times!


SLIMDETOX is based on the well-known and proven properties of dandelion, birch, green tea and artichoke. It is rich in herbal extracts that helps fight unwanted feelings of swelling and prepares the body for weight loss while providing a feeling of well-being.

This is an innovative, easy, natural and pleasurable way to detoxify the body that will help you avoid fluid retention! With the flavor of berries and strawberries, it is certain that in just six days, this unique food supplement will make you smile again with relief. Try it!


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