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The dietary supplement Lanes CystiAde for urinary tract health 30tabs with vitamin C, concentrated cranberry juice, zinc and arktostafyllou extract, is a novel combinationof components specially designed for urinary tract health.
The advantages of use: It is a specially designed combination for urinary tract health while contributing to the good condition of the nails, hair and skin.
It is suitable and ideal for people who are prone to cystitis and mild urinary tract infections and willing to help with a dietary supplement that will enhance the good health of the organization.
It is ideal for pregnant women – and children breastfeeding only on the advice of a doctor for vegetarians and diabetics as it does not contain added sugar and preservatives.

Content: 30 tablets in a glass bottle.

Instructions: Apply by downloading a tablet with a meal a day with a glass of water. Do Not use and kept away from children. Keep dry and cool place.