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Iron with Vitamin C

The dietary supplement in effervescent form for easy downloading Lanes Iron for energy and stimulation with vitamin C and cherry flavor 20tabs, combines vitamin C with iron, which is a vital trace element essential for the proper functioning of the body, which is necessary to cover the daily needs of the body at a rate of 100%.

The advantages of use: with the addition of vitamin C helps in better assimilation of iron by the body and replenishes the daily needs of the organism in iron, 100%.

It is ideal for pregnant women – breast-feeding and children only with the doctor’s advice for vegetarians and diabetics as it contains no gluten, sugar and preservatives.

Content: 20 effervescent tablets in a plastic tube

Instructions: Apply by downloading one tablet per day dissolved in a glass of water for three months. Pause for 1 month and repeat with the same way. Do Not use and kept away from children under 15 years. Keep dry and cool place. It is recommended taking the drug the morning after breakfast.

Citric acid, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sorbitol, ferrous gluconate, vitamin C, aroma cherry, beet powder, acesulfame K, aspartame.