Pastilles containing vitamin C and zinc, which contribute to healthy functioning of the immune system. PropolCare pastilles with honey and lemon, combine propolis, turmeric, ginger, vitamin C, zinc and honey. Turmeric-particularly known for its antioxidant properties-and ginger, are two herbal ingredients that are considered to contribute to the respiratory’ s system good health. Vitamin C and Zinc promote the healthy functioning of the immune system while also providing protection to cells against oxidative stress. Vitamin C plays a role in facilitating regular metabolic processes for energy production. Both vitamin C and zinc are recognized for their support in maintaining normal psychological function and reducing fatigue.

Recommended for

As a remedy for respiratory irritation and as a support for the body’s defense mechanisms.


Nutritional Analysis Table

Nutritional information Per 100g
Energy 1022kj/245kcal
of which saturated
of which sugars
Proteins <0.1g
Salt 0.02g

2 pastilles (6g) provide Vitamin C: 12mg-15%

R.P.A.*zinc 1.2mg-15%

R.D. I: Reference Intake Amount of an average adult (8400 kj/2000kcal).
In the context of a varied & balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients: Sweetener (isomaltitol, steviol glycosides), dry ex. Propolis, vit. C, ex. herbs (turmeric, ginger), honey aroma, etc. lemon & eucalyptus oils, zinc gluconate.

Does not contain: Added sugars, artificial colors, preservatives, peppermint, gluten.

Pregnant/Breastfeeding: Consult your doctor.

Diabetics: Does not contain sugar. With sweeteners.

Suitable for homeopathy.


Allow the pastille to slowly dissolve in the mouth. Do not consume more than 6 candies per day.

Advisory Information

Store in a cool and dry place. Not recommended in case of allergy to bee products. May contain traces of nuts, soy, milk or sesame seeds. Excessive consumption can have a laxative effect.